Business and Merchant Cash Advances

Business and merchant cash advances provide a fast, flexible source of business working capital.

Fast business and merchant cash advances

Merchant or business cash advance financing could be an ideal financing tool for your business. Cash advances enable you to turn future sales into available working capital so you can make repairs, purchase inventory, buy new equipment or even expand your business. Apply for cash advance financing today, and get:

  • Fast approvals
  • Competitive rates and low fees
  • Direct lending – save money by avoiding broker fees
  • Flexible underwriting including manual review

Get answers in as little as one business day (or even faster) and get funding within days of approval.

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Business and merchant cash advance companies

Advantages of Cash Advance Financing

Like every type of business financing, business and merchant advances have pros and cons. Business owners often turn to business and merchant cash advance financing companies when they need fast access to working capital so they can meet unexpected expenses or grow more quickly.

In most cases, you’ll have an answer within hours of application and when approved, cash advance lenders will fund your account within a few business days (or even faster). Here’s how the process works:

  1. Apply for funding and get approved
  2. Get access to working capital within days of approval
  3. Use working capital to meet unexpected financial needs or finance growth campaigns
  4. Repay the amount automatically as a small percentage of future credit card transactions (merchant cash advance) or as a small daily ACH debit (business cash advances)

In addition, you’ll often have the opportunity to take out additional working capital as your advance is repaid, making it a renewable financing resource without the headaches of re-applying.